The Collection

Each life is unique and every death leaves a void.

Memento Mori: Remember your mortality.

This collection is a compilation of 500 separate visual notations exploring the theme of life and death. They are a chronicle of individual moments and sum experiences, both profound and mundane, which are a composite of our lives.

The pages are 6" x 4" drawings on paper: Graphite pencil w/ smudging, wash, tape and punch-out.

Location note: Numbers 1 - 200 were created in Scottsdale, AZ. 201 - 300 in Santa Fe, NM. 301 - 500 in Denver, CO.

An international exhibition entitled: A Book About Death, will be featured at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery - New York, NY (Sept. 10 - 22, 2009) www.emilyharveyfoundation.org. The entire Memento Mori collection was created for this exhibition and will be included. Exhibit website: www.abookaboutdeath.blogspot.com

Special Note: Because the contributed artworks for the "A Book About Death" exhibit were dispersed to various collectors and organizations during the EHF exhibit, additional exhibitions will be forthcoming. The information will be posted as it becomes available on the Memento Mori Archive website: www.garyabibbmemento2.blogspot.com

To all collectors who have one of my Memento Mori pieces in their collection: Please email me with the specific number so I can document them. I would like to post your name (or institution name) and location on my archive. You may also remain anonymous but please provide the number and location. email: gbart003@gmail.com

Additionally, if you choose to exhibit your edition of ABAD and have one of my pieces in your set, please email me the information because I am documenting them as well.

A special thanks to you all.


chapter 1

page 1/500

page 12/500

chapter 2

page 29/500

page 31/500

page 43/500

chapter 3

page 61/500

page 74/500

chapter 4

page 86/500

page 87/500

chapter 5

page 104/500

page 107/500

page 122/500

page 123/500

chapter 6

chapter 7

page 154/500

Collector: Christine Tarantino - Wendell, MA (USA)

page 159/500

Collector: Christine Tarantino - Wendell, MA (USA)

page 165/500

page 174/500

chapter 8

page 178/500

page 179/500

page 180/500

page 186/500

page 192/500

page 197/500

chapter 9

page 208/500

page 209/500

page 217/500

chapter 10

page 235/500

page 237/500

page 242/500

page 247/500

chapter 11

page 253/500

page 269/500

chapter 12

page 278/500

page 281/500

page 300/500

chapter 13

page 304/500